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   MD Art is the branch under Apple Biomedical Inc. for producing the finest quality of educational models and pharmaceutical promotion items.
    Our expertise includes, but not limited to anatomical models, pathological models, medical training tools, and customized promotion products.

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      "We have helped countless customers to co-develop and to manufacture anatomical models or patient educational models over the years. Fulfilling their unique requirements and reaching their satisfaction is our top priority at any time."  

 -  Charles K. Huang,

              Marketing manager



Build your model

          If our current available products are not the right fit for you, we also have a co-develop program for you to customize a model too!!

A reliable source for patient educational models & promotional items for both medical and pharmaceutical field!

Find a stock model

          At Apple Biomedical Inc., we offer stock anatomical models and medical devices for our buyers.  We also offer more competitive price for larger quantity !!



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     The following steps are the rule of thumb for customizing a unique-built model. However, the process might be vary based on many other circumstances, such as complexity, urgency, or budget of the client. 

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Inquiry about a proposal/question

     At the very beginning, you will be filling one of our survey on the website and a representative will then review any questions or concepts that you have for us. In return, we will then prepare some  questions, feedback, or price quotes before contacting you. Please be noted that it will be helpful to include all the questions or doubts you might have for the project.

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Discussion for your inquiry

     During our first talk/email, we will be focusing on generating a main body frame for your project. We will also provide some general consultation in terms of the technical aspect of the project. In addition, we will also discuss about some of the potential legal requirements for you (Depending on your geographical location). Ideally, the discussion will then be wrapped up with you being ready to start the business with us!

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Producing a prototype for your business

     After reaching our initial agreement, we will provide a prototype (based on your idea and budget) for you to examine the accuracy and the quality of the work. We will then be collecting your opinions about the first prototype and modifying it for next prototype and so on. Please keep in mind that this would be a critical moment for you to inform us about any changes you would like to proceed.

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Further Discussion and adjustment

     Pictures/Rendering will also be provided for you to review the modification of first prototype and this step will be repeating until you are satisfied with the final prototype. Once again, please inform our representative  immediately about any changes or requirements you wish to add!

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Confirmation and Tooling

     At this stage, the specification of the final prototype is confirmed by you and we will proceed with the tooling based this prototype. The time needed for making the tooling is vary based on the complexity of the project and the tooling also requires tuning after completion. 

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Pre - production sample

      When the tooling is fully complete, we will use this new tooling to do a sample run and keep tuning it is ready to go. We will then provide you the digital images of the pre-production sample. If it is requested, we could also provide you with 1-2 physical copies of the pre-production samples. Please be noted that we are still open for discussion if you would like to make changes, but only minor changes at this stage.

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Mass production

        Once we have received your approval of the pre-production sample, we will arrange the mass production momentarily. We will also instruct our production manager regarding the QC standard and the packing information. On average, a customized project could take 20 - 50 days to complete the mass production. However, it really depends on the complexity and the quantity.

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        At Apple Biomedical Inc., we offer FOB shipping term for most of the customized project. Even so, we still offer various shipping methods based on your preference. For instance, if you need to have a door-to-door service, we could also assist you with this request at a cost. Still, please advise your representative if you would like to have any special service.

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